Woodland Edge Inspired
Villanova PA

An existing juniper hedge with heights ranging from 6-8 feet high ran beyond the length of the house, parallel to a brick walkway. It had grown large and leggy and was crowding the walkway. It was an unwelcoming feature for the front of the house so the decision was to remove the hedge.

The client wished for new plants that she remembered from childhood where she played in the woods in Delaware.

Even though the garden faced south, a 6-foot panel fence shaded the back half of the garden, and the sun drenched the front half. Inspired by woodland edges in nature where sunlight reaches the plants along the edges, plant selections were based on woodland species for a range of light conditions.

A native woody understory was planted consisting of redbuds, fringe tree and a mix of shrubs including Carolina Allspice, azaleas, viburnums and hydrangeas. The ground-level plantings include hardy perennials, ground covers and bulbs, as well as the many native woodland wildflowers.

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