About us

We are seasoned practitioners who are passionate about designing, building and maintaining gardens. We work with our clients to create beautiful, inspiring outdoor spaces through responsible gardening and appropriate plant selections. Our reputation is based upon our individualized approach to serving each customer with respect and top-quality service. We remain a small client-focused company so we can continue to offer personal attention to each and every client.

Amy Reese

Owner / Landscape Architect

Friends consider me a plant geek. I get a real sense of enjoyment in the activity of gardening itself. The sweetest thing I do in my free time is tend to my own garden.  It’s hard to keep my eyes on the road when there is so much beauty to see. I love my job. I love gardens and everything in them or about them. I know that in order for gardens to thrive they require consistent and dedicated maintenance from people who understand design and horticulture. Everything I do recognizes a design intent and the health and vigor of the plants. And they need a steady stream of fresh creativity otherwise they will always lack vitality.  This makes gardening an art form. I hope to leave my fingerprint in the way I design and tend to gardens just like any other artist would want his or her style to come through in his or her work.

Lisa Decker

Director of Design

Lisa is an entrepreneur and designer with an obsessive attention to detail and efficiency. Her work is guided by the belief that meaningful design requires a deep understanding of the users of the space.

Prior to working for Love Dirt, Lisa served as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Branding for a Cache, Inc, a women’s clothing retailer with more than 300 stores throughout the nation. She has over 25 years of experience in marketing, advertising, branding, sales promotion and visual merchandising.

With her strong business background, Lisa brings fresh ideas to the field, and works to expand experiences, change behaviors and improve outcomes. 

Combining her business background with her love of art, architecture and design, Lisa is on a wonderful journey to blend these art forms and experience into a unique partnership.

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