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We take pride in the quality and purpose of our work and the satisfaction of our clients. Our goal is to interpret the uniqueness of each client and express that in the garden. A garden should reflect the personality and needs of its owner. That’s our approach. Suburban sprawl has created cookie-cutter landscapes. We don’t chase fads. They don’t endure the test of time. Our approach to design is not about ostentation and over-complication. We think it’s about simplicity, purpose and personality. Along with environmental responsibility, we try to infuse residential gardens with the kind of awe visitors experience at public gardens. It may sound lofty, but we know that having your dream garden is one of the most rewarding, exhilarating and addictive aspects of our passion.


We prefer installing our designs ourselves, using the best techniques along with the highest set of standards and care. Too many unknowns happen in the field, so for a successful project, it's crucial that the designer is hands-on during this stage. Not many firms are organized this way. We take pride in being part of every stage of the process.  


We strive to bring all of our clients’ properties to their truest potential. By leveraging our extensive horticultural knowledge with our network of highly skilled industry professionals, we direct and synchronize all of our clients’ needs in the landscape. This can include coordinating insect and disease control, irrigation, tree care, and lawn care, as well as the services we perform directly. We accommodate a variety of schedules including weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance visits, spring and fall cleanups, and annual pruning. 

Our services include: 

Maintenance. We offer the basics like weeding, edging, mulching and raking, but we shine when it comes to knowing how to maintain shrubs and perennials.  We prune and shape them to produce more flowers, encourage lush new growth, discourage pests, stagger bloom times if necessary, and maintain vigorous health. Deadheading, pinching, cutting back, thinning, disbudding and deadleafing are among our techniques. The key to remember is that even the best designed garden never lives up to what its creator visualized if it is poorly maintained. 

Pruning. We specialize in hand pruning, also referred to as natural pruning. We’ll even attempt to reinvent a shrub after years of incorrect trimming. We’re experienced in espalier or shaping shrubs.

Garden Upgrading.  We can help you turn a tired landscape into something spectacular.  We’ll add to existing landscapes or make changes that will enhance the value of your home, whether it be newly built or older. 

Special Occasions or The Immaculate Garden. We’ll tend to your garden so that it will look great on “that special date.” If it means picking off every yellow-leaf or black-spot, we’ll do it. We’ll get your garden ready for a wedding, birthday party or even for an open house. 

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