Rock Garden  
"River Run" Solebury PA

When the architect set out to locate this minimalistic Solebury residence, he chose a location high above the Delaware River on a steeply sloping buff where the river bends. This allows for very long views of the river in two directions.
This architecturally significant property, designed by J. Robert Hillier, is an example of the way he masterfully integrates a structure with the landscape. The sod roof, stone quarried on-site, blend the house with its setting. An abrupt outcropping of red shale seems to lean over a carefully constructed circular arrival court constructed out of concrete.
The 6-acre property is intentionally kept in lawn, meadow or woods. But the area beneath this natural outcropping created a compelling space for a garden. The space was confined by the driveway and the natural stone which offers natural protection from wandering weeds and critters. It also limited the size of the garden and management to a predicted size.
Plants of certain cool colors were selected to contrast with the red of the stone mulch and rock outcropping, and to pull out the gray color out of the zinc roof and details of the house.

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