Old Field Residence 
Long Island NY

The client desired a variety of experiences in existing garden rooms that were defined only by mature evergreen hedges. The design offers simultaneous contemplative and dynamic episodes that are brief but intense. Arranged as a sequence, each garden fosters intimate exploration of an artful plant palette to bring out unrealized potential of the existing structure and to bolster new themes brought to the site.

The woodland on 7 acres on the northern portion of the property was restored by removing invasive trees and planting native species in sizes ranging from whips to large canopy trees. The path journey explores a young field and an old field with early and late successional meadow plantings. Spring emphemerals and a carpet of Virginia Bluebells covers the outer reaches of a fern glade.

The site’s varied scale creates significant new views within the site and beyond, all while respecting and responding to the existing topography and vegetation.

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